Backup And Recovery


Backup And Recovery

Are you forced to delete files just because there isn’t enough space on your computer?

Or worried about computer viruses which might lead to hardware failures and file corruption?

Perhaps data may be destroyed by failures or neglect in data storage.

Well, your computer requires data backup!

Are you wondering how to backup data to free space, but find these files later?

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Services Offered

  • Backup And Restore Files Using A CD Or DVD

    Unfortunately, most people remember to back up and restore their files after it is too late. There are many ways that the information on your computer can be unintentionally lost such as a child accidentally removing programs or data, a power surge, natural disasters, etc. It is recommended to regularly make backup copies of your files and restore them using a CD or DVD. This helps replace all of your information in the event something occurs to the originals on your computer.

  • Backup And Restore Files To An External Hard Drive Or USB

    Backing up and restoring your files to an external drive would be good disaster insurance. A USB drive can be removed and stored away from your computer. Even if a local accident such as surge, fire or water damage will not damage your files.

  • Backup And Restore Files To A Cloud Storage

    Backing up and restoring files to a cloud storage provides users with a system for the storage and recovery of computer files. This remote and online backup service is simple and reliable.

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